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Year 4/5/6 Ski Trip 2020 - information for parents and children

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Ski Update: Return Home 14/03/2020

Ski Update: Journey Home 12/03/2020

Ski Letter - Important update for parents 10/03/2020



Every year we give our children the opportunity to attend a skiing residential with the school. This year we are going to Bormio, Italy. 


The principle aim of this trip is to give our children the opportunity to experience the sport of skiing in a totally different cultural environment than their own, the Italian Alps. The Alps are the highest and most extensive mountain range system that lies entirely in Europe, and stretching approximately 1,200 kilometres across eight Alpine countries: France, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, and Slovenia.


The children enjoy four hours of tuition each day from qualified ski instructors. All children receive graded assessments of their skiing progress and medals for successfully completing the course. Of an evening the children enjoy a range of après-ski activities which include quiz, a games night and a disco.


Safety procedures for the trips are always planned in great detail. In relation to the 300 children who travelled with the organisation in 2019 no injuries occurred whilst the children were skiing, with the exception of one child who had an injury to her knee.


Pupil teacher ratios are very favourable. For example, the average ratio is 5 pupils to every adult. A back-up team of professionals supports the schools’ own staff. This team presently includes five retired headteachers.


A qualified paediatric nurse accompanies each trip.


The course has developed a detailed child protection policy which has been approved by the Liverpool Local Authority. 


Ahead of each course Association representatives conduct a full Risk Assessment of the hotel and resort to be used. Copies of the RA are provided to the LA Residential Visits Co-ordinator and to the Governing Bodies of the participating schools.


The Bormio Ski resort is in North West Italy in the region of Lombardy. Skiers visiting Bormio tend to fly into Milan and travel by bus up to the resort.


The ski resort of Bormio was created in 1966. 


The historic village of Bormio is situated at 1225 metres above sea level. An eight-person cable car takes skiers up to the 2000 metre position where our hotel, the Girasole, is located. Right outside the hotel are the resort’s nursery slopes. The nursery slopes are very gentle and are very suitable for beginner skiers.


A variety of lifts can take skiers up to the highest point in the ski resort which is at 3012 metres. 


The Hotel Girasole is perfectly situated as you come out of the hotel right onto the snow. Like most ski hotels in Italy used by British school groups the hotel is warm and comfortable. Rooms are simple and will take four children per room using two sets of bunk beds. All rooms have en-suite facilities. Our groups will have sole occupancy of the hotel.


As well as skiing the children will also get a lot more out of this trip that you might not have thought of. As a school we want to actively improve their independence, resilience, friendships, confidence/self esteem, personal responsibility and a number of other really important life skills.