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Unit 1 - Welcome to Global Scholars

Unit 1 - Introduction to Global Scholars


In Unit 1, students are first welcomed into the Global Scholars classroom.

They are introduced to the ideas surrounding the program and get to learn all about the importance of different perspectives.


The children were able to write posts to their global peers on the secure Global Scholars discussion pages, introducing themselves and their own lives. They could also respond to posts from other pupils around the world and ask questions in order to get a greater understanding of different cultures from around the world.


Our Unit 1 digital project was titled 'Meet the Global Scholars'. 

In this video, our pupils were able to share more information about their school, classroom and the city as a whole.

They were very keen to share as much information as possible!


Our finished video was met with good response from our peers around the world and even from the Global Scholars Headquarters in New York!


Click the link below to see how our students decided to introduce our school and city!


Meet the SFDS Global Scholars

We introduce our school to our global peers.