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St Francis de SalesCatholic Junior School

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Uniform Information


Uniform 1 – all year

Available from

Blue and white checked blouse

Uniform suppliers on County Rd

School Tartan Kilt

Uniform suppliers on County Rd

Royal Blue Cardigan/Jumper/Tank Top with school crest

School or Laser on County Rd

Royal Blue Socks or Tights

Uniform Suppliers or Supermarkets



Uniform 2 – all year

Available from

Light blue or white shirt (long or short sleeve)

Uniform suppliers on County Rd, Supermarkets

School Tie


Royal Blue Cardigan/Jumper/Tank Top with school crest

School or Laser on County Rd

Grey or Black trousers or shorts

Uniform Suppliers or Supermarkets


Shoes – all year

School shoes must be worn at all times throughout the year, including the summer term for both boys and girls.  These must be plain blackshoeswhich can be polished and with no ‘bling’ or visible logos. We reserve the right make the final decision on whether footwear are shoes or otherwise.


Please note that leather pumps do notcount as shoes and staff in shoe-shops do not decide what is or what is not acceptable.


Trainers are only allowed for PE, playtimes and any sporting activities.


School Coats – all must wear these. No other coats are allowed.


Currently these are only available from school. 




Other Expectations for Appearance


Children are expected to come to school in a clean, neat and tidy appearance. Boys must have their shirts tucked in and top button fastened. As well as this, there are three other expectations which may result in a detention if they are not met.


  1. No jewellery, including any types of earing is permitted.
  2. Make up is not permitted.
  3. Hair must be the natural colour, clean, neat and tidy. Long hair must be tied back (including boys’ hair). No oversize bows are permitted. Children should use small bows or bobbles in school colours.
  4.  Patterns or zig zags are not permitted into shaven hair or eyebrows. 


Any pupil who does not conform to these expectations in particular will receive a detention. If there are exceptional circumstances please inform the class teacher. We reserve the right to decide on an individual basis what is or is not acceptable.


PE Kit for Boys and Girls


Children should come into school on their PE day in their PE kit. They can also where it when they have sporting clubs after school.


PE Kit – all year

Available from

Navy blue tracksuit with school crest

Uniform suppliers on County Rd

Navy blue polo shirt with school crest

Uniform suppliers on County Rd

Plain navy blue shorts without panels, extra designs or images

School or Laser on County Rd

Sport socks – not football socks

Uniform Suppliers or Supermarkets


Sports shops



PE kit is school uniform and only these shirts and tracksuits are to be worn. If correct PE uniform is not worn children will receive a detention. If no kit is brought in for PE children will still do PE in their regular uniform.


Children must not wear long sleeve base-layer clothing under their PE kit. Short sleeved is acceptable. Base layer bottoms are not permitted. In cold weather children can wear their school jumper and tracksuits and extra layers. If it is too cold they will do PE inside.