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North America- Location and Physical Features 


This afternoon, we worked independently to draw a map of Europe from an atlas (naming the countries, oceans, major rivers and capitals). We then compared this to a map of North America. We noted key physical differences between the continents and explored the varying climates of the countries within. After this, we worked in pairs to research the human features of a country in Europe and North America. Finally, we presented our findings to the rest of the class. 


Shaunna, Class 13: "After completing the world map baseline, I couldn't believe how much I had missed out! I found it to be really useful in refreshing my memory and I was happy to see the difference in my knowledge once we had explored the Atlas." 

Exploring key features of North America

Comparing a Country in North America and Europe- Human Features 


During this lesson, we used our acquired knowledge to compare and contrast a country in North America and a county in Europe of our choosing with a focus on human geography. We worked in pairs and presented our findings to the class before showcasing our presentations to the Geography coordinator (who was very impressed!)


Jayden, Class 13: "Thomas and I chose to research the Faroe Islands as we explored this as part of our History topic about the Vikings in Year 5 (the Norsemen settled here during their travels). We discovered that fishing constitutes 97% of their total exports and it is also popular with tourists." 

Faroe Islands and Cuba
England and Barbados
Italy and Mexico
France and the Bahamas