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St Francis de SalesCatholic Junior School

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Extra Provision for Talented Pupils



Our school is renowned for promoting an enthusiasm for debating and for developing children's public speaking skills to a very high level. Over the years, our most talented debaters have faced tough competition from other local schools. We are proud to say that for every single competition we have entered, we have returned to school with first place trophies! 

School Library Book System - Access to High Quality Texts


We have a fantastic whole school library which is fully equipped with a wide range of quality texts across all genres. Once pupils become more independent as readers, they can choose a library book to act as their home reading book. More able readers are encouraged to challenge themselves e.g. by reading more advanced novels/classic texts. This ensures that along with children reading daily to improve their skills, they are also reading for pleasure and gaining ideas to inspire their imaginations and writing abilities. A visit from the fantastic, Liverpool-born children's author, Frank Cottrell Boyce, also helped to inspire our more talented readers and writers to believe that they could too have future careers that link to their reading passions!



Publishing School Books


For the last three years, our pupils have become published authors in three whole school books. These experiences have proven to be particularly inspiring for our more talented readers, as it has given them a chance to apply their wide knowledge of book conventions to their own stories and to gain an insight into what it would feel like to be a real author.