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Día Tres: Science Museum of Barcelona & La Sagrada Familia!

Dia Tres: Sagrada Familia


Today was the best day of my life! Before I went to Barcelona, I was nervous and hesitant - I didn’t really know what to expect. After the first two days, my fears were a thing of the past, but I was not prepared for just how amazing day three was.


We started the day off with breakfast and there was anticipation in the room. We were all giddy with excitement because we knew that there was only one more day until we went to Port Aventura. Museum and Sagrada Familia. We knew what was on the agenda for the day, but I don’t think anyone in the room was expecting day three to be the best one of the trip!

After a short journey, we arrived at the National History Museum. I’m sure everyone has been to a museum before; you can look at ancient objects through a glass cage but you don’t get to touch anything, right? Wrong! From the minute we entered the museum (and were greeted by ‘Einstein’) until the minute we left, we were enthralled with all of the things that we were able to not only see, but do.  We split into small groups and were free to explore at our leisure. My favourite part was the indoor rainforest because of the real animals and the simulated rain. I felt like I was on another continent!


Next, we had a quick stop for lunch where we were all swapping stories about what we had experienced inside the museum. After we had finished eating, we set off for the Sagrada Familia. We had heard a lot about this building, particularly because it was another major work of Antoni Gaudi: the same man who had designed Park Güell, which we had visited earlier in the week. We could see the Sagrada Familia in the distance, but nothing could prepare us for what it looked like up close. What a sight to see! I was awe-struck and so were my class mates. I could see the wonder in their eyes as we explored. From stunning stained glass windows to magnificent statues and much more in-between, it really is one of the must-see buildings in the world. I don’t think I will ever forget how I first felt when I got my first view of the Sagrada Familia.


After an amazing afternoon, we were all tired and ready for a good meal and a nice rest. Everyone looked so, so happy! We had our dinner and as we left the restaurant, we were greeted by a wave of noise – a disco! We all put on our dancing shoes and forgot our exhaustion. It was hilarious to see some of the dance moves and I was pleased to see that every single person was dancing. I’m not too sure about Mr. Wah and Mr. Kenendy’s dance moves though!


Finally, after an hour or two of dancing, it was time for bed. It was incredible to see so many happy faces surrounding me, but I could tell that everyone was sleepy. I was sleepy too, yet I could not help but feel excited… we were off to Port Aventura in the morning!