Congratulations to all those in St Luke - this week's winning House Team.
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Día Cuatro: Port Aventura

Dia Cuatro:  Port Aventura


Today, we experienced what we would call the most captivating day of our lives. The thrill, the wonder and the action was simply stunning and took our breath away. That marvelous occurrence will stay in my mind forever…

Exhausted, tired and weary, I dragged myself out of bed whilst I rubbed my eyes with weakness, then a reminder popped into my head: PORT AVENTURA! Suddenly, thrills were rapidly brimming in my amazed mind.


I hastily threw on my clothes and joined the rest of the group as we devoured our delicious breakfast. After an hour long drive, I could see it in the distance… the one life-changing ride that I knew would be one of the most marvelous experiences ever - SHAMBALA! Filled with wonder, I proudly paraded onto the ride. 3, 2, 1…SWOOSH! We were off on the action-packed adventure which will stay in my mind forever!


After that, we continued on to a gargantuan variety of other rides. After what seemed like only five minutes, it was time to have our lunch. This one day, we were allowed to have the choice of where we wanted to eat. Surprised, amazed and shocked, the number of wondrous options we were given were astonishing! Soon, we had to leave and go back to our chalets so I went to bed satisfied.  I had the most intriguing day ever!