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Chinese Spring Festival 2019

Each year, pupils from our school celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival with members of the Confucius Society. For this years celebrations, some children from Year 4 were selected to perform on stage at the Playhouse Theatre in Liverpool City Centre. 

In the lead up to the Chinese Spring Festival, the children (including myself) who were performing spent time rehearsing with Amber who is our Mandarin teacher. On the day, we arrived at Liverpool Playhouse Theatre and were welcomed onstage. We had the opportunity to rehearse on with the music (we were singing “Rúguǒ gǎndào xìngfú nǐ jiù pāi pāishǒu which translates as “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands”).


After rehearsing, we took some time to relax and prepare before performing on stage in front of other schools, members of the Confucius Society and members of the public. Furthermore, after we had finished our perfroamcne, we were able to watch other exciting performances (from both schools and members of the Confucius Society) as part of the audience.


I really enjoyed the opportunity to perform on stage at a colossal theatre and I am extremely proud of what I achieved.



Class 8




I loved performing at the Chinese Spring Festival. It was fun because I enjoy performing outside of school (I participate in dance shows) so this gave me the opportunity to perform for our school as well. Furthermore, I enjoyed performing with my friends and also enjoyed meeting new people at the Liverpool Playhouse Theatre (including the volunteers from the Confucius Society who were our ushers).


While on stage, I was amazed with the bright lights and cameras which were on us and this made me really excited. Also, I was really pleased with the fact that we sang a song which is for everyone (“Rúguǒ gǎndào xìngfú nǐ jiù pāi pāishǒu or “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands”).


It was an amazing day and I loved every minute of it!



Class 5