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12/09/2019 - Space Dome

Space Dome


What an exciting introduction Year 5 have had to their new 'Earth and Space' Science topic!


Entering the Space Dome curiously, Year 5 were ready to look up at the 'stars' and listen to a range of myths and legends about different star constellations. Altogether, they found out that there are 88 different star constellations in total.


Once Year 5 had been left starry-eyed, they were ready to share their initial understandings about 'Earth and Space' and to start finding out key facts that will help them during their upcoming Science lessons. 


"Did you know that there are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on Earth?" Michael M 


"Our moon is actually a satellite, but most of us thought it was a planet!" Sophia R


"In a year, there are 365 ¼ days, which is why every four years we have a leap year." Ellis CB


"1.3 million versions of Earth would fit inside the Sun!" Lizzie C