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Primary Modern Foreign Languages

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Our Vision

At St Francis de Sales, we believe that learning a language enriches the curriculum. It provides excitement, enjoyment and challenge for children and teachers, helping to create enthusiastic, confident learners and to develop positive attitudes to language learning throughout life.


We endeavour to use our MFL lessons to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding of the foreign language, knowing that the skills gained are transferable in developing our pupils’ oracy and literacy skills too. Our vision is for our pupils to be able to use their language learning in a purposeful context, knowing that they can break down language barriers as they communicate with speakers of other languages around the world. Through language learning, we are also able to broaden the awareness of our pupils’ own culture and foster positive attitudes to speakers of other languages, and gain an insight into their culture.


To put our Modern Foreign Language vision into action, Year 6 pupils are actively encouraged to use their Spanish communication skills during their annual visit to Barcelona, where they are also immersed into the vibrant culture of the historic city.  Moreover, our pupils are lucky enough to use and apply their learning first-hand through our excellent links with our partner Spanish school and partner Chinese school - through these dynamic links, we have forged strong relationships, and we use this excellent platform to enhance our teaching practice and learning experience for all pupils.


In keeping with our Christ-Centred objectives, we work with highly-skilled native speakers of the language so as to maximise our pupils’ exposure to an authentic spoken tongue, a secure understanding of grammar and an in-depth look into varying traditions within the same culture.  Our pupils are taught by the local authority Foreign Language Teachers for Spanish and we work closely with the Confucius Institute at the University of Liverpool to deliver our Mandarin sessions. 


Mandarin - Animal Song

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Year 6 have been learning all about animals and the noises that the make with our Mandarin teacher, Yu Ping.