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International Project

This year we have began our brand new, very exciting International Project Club.

The aim of our project is to complete as many activities and tasks as we can to communicate with our international schools. 


During our first term, we have been focusing on our favourite playground games. The children have been working hard to narrow down a (very) long list of their favourite playground games to find their favourite one. Once they have decided a favourite, they will create a video tutorial to send onto the international airways (the internet!) and arrive at our international link schools.


Children's comments:


"This term, I have really enjoyed exersizing in the fresh air playing my favourite playground game which is 'Sly Fox'." Anthony (Year 5)


"This term, I have loved learning how to play 'Hoola Scotch'. It is a very enjoyable game which is why my group chose to create a video tutorial to send to our international schools. Hubert (Year 6) 


"Over the last few weeks, I have enjoyed learning a range of new games. As I am from Brazil I had never played them before!" Nicolly (Year 6)


"This term, I have enjoyed creating and recording a video tutorial to send to the international schools! I can't wait to recieve a video back!" Michelle (Year 4)


"This term, I have really enjoyed my club. I have loved making new friends from different year groups and playing my favourite game Sly Fox'". Saiya (Year 4)


"I have enjoyed playing new games this term and look forward to learning more international games to play with my friends!" Kyle (Year 4)


"Over the last few weeks I have really enjoyed working with others during this amazing experience!" Sarah (Year 6)


"I have enjoyed being outside and making links with other international schools!" Tayla-leigh (Year 5)


''I loved to learn new things about different countries and cultures,it only got more exciting when we started making different videos about our culture here in England and because I am from a different country so learning my friends culture just made this club even better!" Larissa (Year 6)